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Compared with the previous battery, the lithium polymer battery is a chemical battery with high energy, miniaturization and weight reduction.
Lithium polymer batteries are in shape, and lithium polymer batteries have ultra-thin characteristics, which can be made into batteries of different shapes and capacities in accordance with the needs of some products.
1. No battery leakage problem, the battery does not contain liquid electrolyte inside, use colloidal solids.
2. Can be made into a thin battery: with a capacity of 3.6V400mAh, its thickness can be as thin as 0.5mm.
3. The battery can be designed in a variety of shapes.
4. The battery can be bent and deformed: the polymer battery can be bent up to about 90°.
5. A single high-voltage: liquid electrolyte battery can only be connected in series with several batteries to obtain a high voltage, and the polymer battery can be made into a multi-layer combination in a single piece to achieve a high voltage because it has no liquid itself. Br /> 6. The capacity will be twice as high as the same size lithium ion battery.
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