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Brief Introduction Lithium-ion Battery Working Principle

Shenzhen Improve Battery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2017

Many people mistake  lithium ion battery in the presence of metallic lithium, but actually only lithium ionic compounds, the used on the anode compounds can be in charge will break out of lithium ion, negative battery for carbon materials.Lithium ion embedding and compounds from the anode is the process of storage battery charging and discharging process, this process at the same time with lithium ion amount of electronic embedded and escape.In general, people use embedded said charge, use discharge to take off the plug.Lithium ion in the back and forth between positive and negative electrode embedding and take off the plug is the process of charging and discharging process, and therefore the lithium ion battery, also known as the "rocking-chair batteries".


Lithium ion batteries: charging process is the process of lithium ion generation and movement, the positive compounds to produce a large number of lithium ion batteries, after in the electrolyte, lithium ion movement from the positive to the negative terminal.And lithium ion battery cathode is composed of carbon materials, arrived in the cathode of lithium ion will be embedded in the pore of carbon material, carbon material of lithium ions can accommodate more battery to accommodate the greater the power, which is often said that the capacity (mAh).
Lithium-ion battery discharge, discharge process, in contrast to the charging process, the cathode material of lithium ion from carbon holes, returned to the anode.Back to the positive, the more the number of lithium ion battery power use

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