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Capacitor-nickel-hydrogen Battery Technology Breakthrough With Authentic Stock

Shenzhen Improve Battery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2016

On August 8, the VIII China baotou rare earth industry (International) Forum was held successfully, pioneered by Zibo Guoli new power technology co China rare earth-the new power supply capacitor-type nickel-metal hydride batteries used in pure electric bus to achieve major breakthroughs, baiyuliang bus is safe to run thousands of kilometers, to lead the electric rapid development has provided strong technical support.

Earlier, the "winter chills run no more, the lack of electricity to run not far from the battery soon decay too fast" is restricting the development of pure electric bus in northern China three problems. After you have a capacitance-type nickel-hydrogen battery, long cold winter in North China electric bus may not function properly will be history.

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