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Nickel-metal hydride batteries are a good performance battery. Nickel-metal hydride batteries are classified into high-voltage nickel-hydrogen batteries and low-voltage nickel-hydrogen batteries. The positive electrode active material of the nickel-hydrogen battery is Ni(OH)2, the negative electrode active material is a metal hydride, also called a hydrogen storage alloy (electrode called hydrogen storage electrode), and the electrolyte is a 6 mol/L potassium hydroxide solution. Nickel-hydrogen batteries have become more and more important as an important direction for hydrogen energy applications.
NiMH batteries should be maintained during use:
(1) Avoid using the process of charging. Within the cycle life, the use process should not overcharge, because overcharge easily causes the positive and negative electrodes to swell, causing active material shedding and diaphragm damage, conductive network damage and battery ohmic polarization to become larger.
(2) Prevent deterioration of the electrolyte. During the cycle life of nickel-hydrogen batteries, hydrogen evolution should be suppressed.
(3) Storage of nickel-metal hydride batteries. The nickel-hydrogen battery should be stored in a fully charged state. If the battery is stored for a long period of time without storing electrical energy in the battery, the function of the battery hydrogen storage alloy will be weakened and the battery life will be shortened.
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